Exploring Kaiserslautern

Japanischer Garten, Kaiserslautern

Once a year I like to explore cities I normally wouldn‘t get to. To see the touristic highlights, to walk through the streets and feel the atmosphere and gain new insights. I did so with Erfurt and Jena in the last years and was always surprised how wrong my image of the city was. This time I took my wife to Kaiserslautern, Germany. Who would go there? Close to Germany’s smallest federal state – the Saarland, not far away from France and Luxemburg? Continue reading “Exploring Kaiserslautern”


Fritz-Walter-Stadion, Kaiserslautern

The soccer stadium of Kaiserslautern, Germany was formerly named after the mountain it is standing on, the Betzenberg (a name every German soccer fan knows). The Stadion am Betzenberg was opened in 1920 and his home to the 1. FC Kaiserslautern which was playing for many years in the Bundesliga. To commemorate the famous German player Fritz Walter it was renamed on his 65th birthday to Fritz-Walter-Stadion. Continue reading “Fritz-Walter-Stadion”

Café Extrablatt

Café Extrablatt, Kaiserslautern

We stumbled open the Café Extrablatt in Kaiserslautern, Germany in search for a place to sit down and have a coffee. Somehow I had the feeling of having been there already – and then a understood that this is a bar with a franchise system. Okay, so it isn’t unique – but it is a cosy place with a nice interior design in US-American style and therefore fitting well to the city influenced by the nearby Ramstein Air Base, the European headquarter of the US forces.  Continue reading “Café Extrablatt”


Stiftskirche, Kaiserslautern

The Stiftskirche in the center of Kaiserslautern, Germany was once a catholic church named St. Martin and St. Maria. Today it is a protestant church inviting everyone for a quite moment. On the site once a cloister (“Stift“) was created by monks that emperor Friedrich Barbarossa had invited to settle in the city in the year 1176 CE. The church was built from the year 1250 on. Continue reading “Stiftskirche”